The Solemn Fracture

Debut Album

Rhakshah The Solemn Fracture Album Front Cover Obsolescence Torpor Regalia
February 28, 2019
Producer: Heinrich Köllner | Burning Tone Studios
Number of discs: 1

Rhakshah’s debut album “The Solemn Fracture” sets the table for a wondrous journey of technical precision. Feel your head naturally gravitate towards the progressive rhythms and raunchy grooves, coupled with dynamic jazz-infused melodies and enunciated hard style vocals. The narrative features elements of surprise, internal conflict, fantasy with a slew of subtle and perhaps obvious metaphors that imply everyday realism which may be challenging to decipher.

The album sports guests features from some of Cape Town’s most talented vocalists. The mighty Thomas Theron (Megalodon) features on the first single “Obsolescence” bringing his naturally monstrous grit and screeching high screams, adding some much welcomed texture to the track. Adri Jordaan (Peasant / The Warinsane) unleashes his inner Corpsegrinder on one of the more fast-paced tracks “The Antagonist“. The albums title track has a somewhat emotional narrative and we believed that experimenting with a more melodic dynamic would cap off this composition perfectly. For this to be possible, we welcomed the haunting talents of Kathleen Rose Goss. Kathleen caught our attention with some of her outstanding solo work we found. Her untapped potential could see her performing in theaters and massive stage productions, we look forward to potentially working with her again in future. (She also makes a cameo in somewhere else on the album). Enjoy the ride!

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